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I’m Margherita, an illustrator born in Modena, Italy.
After classical studies, I moved to Milan to attend the Illustration and Digital Animation degree at European Institute of Design, and two years later the Editorial Illustration master at MiMaster Illustrazione.

I mainly work with inks, ecoline, gouache and oils, and work as freelance for magazines, brands and music labels.

Since 2011, with some friends, I’m part of Lucha Libre, a palyndrome magazine about illustration and critical narrative.

I actually live and work between Milan and Modena.

selected clients and collaborations
Variety — The Atlantic — The New Republic — Martini — Acqua Di Parma — Life And Death Records — Granta Italia — Il Tascabile Treccani — Shockdom — Prismo — Linus — Obscura Magazine — Laboratorio Lapsus — MiAmi Festival — Il Mucchio Selvaggio — Arthome / Paloma — Studio Pilar — B*Comics — TINALS / This is Not a Love Song — Lök zine — Effe — Inklist — Squame

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