Margherita is an illustrator born in Modena, Italy in 1987.
After classical studies she moved to Milan to attend the triennal Illustration and Multimedial Animation class at IED / European Institute of Design, in which she took a degree in 2009, and later on the semestral Editorial Illustration course at MiMaster in 2012.
She likes to draw with ballpen, inks, gouache and acrylic paint, and usually colors digitally with bold palettes and self made textures.
She works and lives in Milan,
vexed by her cockatiel Polletta.

For inquiries, collaborations or parrot chatting feel free to drop me a mail at

Variety, Little White Lies, The Atlantic, The New Republic, Acqua Di Parma, Martini, Mondadori, Feltrinelli Comics, Moscabianca Editore, La Lettura de Il Corriere, Diabolo Edizioni, Il Saggiatore, Edizioni Tlon,  Domani Editoriale, Granta Italia, Il Tascabile Treccani, MiAmi Festival, Shockdom, Linus
Stripburger, Frankenstein Magazine, Lök Zine, Missive Selvatiche, Collettivo Franco, This Is Not A Love Song, Ultracelestia, Studio Pilar, PalomaNest, Effe magazine, Le Vanvere, Arf Festival, Afa Festival, Moninga onlus, Fuochi Fatui Festival, B*Comics - Fumetti a Striscie