lucha libre magazine

My contribute to Lucha Libre Magazine #02.

Every issue is palyndrome, and usually develops two themes in comparison.
This is a special issue with only one topic, Italy, with two different points of view - Italy ‘s view from Italian residents (Italy In),
and Italy Out, Italy recounted from abroad.

Italy In side:The llustrations for Le Ceneri di Pasolini (The ashes of Pasolini), written by Giulia Ginevra Broglia, are based on three Pasolini’s movies: “Uccellacci e Uccellini” (The Hawks and the Sparrows)


“Porcile” (Pigsty)

and the short "La sequenza del fiore di carta" (The sequence of the paper flower, from Love and Anger).

Italy Out side: illustration for Non ci sono italiani negri (There are no Italian niggaz), written by Kibra Sebhat.

and some portraits for editorial staff 's index