Italy In side:The llustrations for Le Ceneri di Pasolini (The ashes of Pasolini), written by Giulia Ginevra Broglia, are based on three Pasolini’s movies: “Uccellacci e Uccellini” (The Hawks and the Sparrows)

italy in / italy out

lucha libre magazine

My contribute to Lucha Libre Magazine #02.

Every issue is palyndrome, and develops two themes in comparison.
This is a special issue with only one topic, Italy, with two different points of view - Italy ‘s view from Italian residents (Italy In), Italy seen from abroad, Italy Out.


“Porcile” (Pigsty)

and the short "La sequenza del fiore di carta" (The sequence of the paper flower, from Love and Anger).

Italy Out side: illustration for Non ci sono italiani negri (There are no Italian niggaz), written by Kibra Sebhat.

and some portraits for editorial staff 's index