Materia Degenere 3

 Diabolo Edizioni

Some pages from Materia Degenere 3, comic anthology published by Diabolo Edizioni and edited by Matteo Contin - and available here

Materia Degenere is a biennial publication, where each issue tributes a great Italian comic artist: for this third one Paolo Bacilieri, who illustrated the cover and the introductions to each chapter.
The chosen thread of this third volume was Milan, Bacilieri’s main setting in his body of work. Me and Giulia Ratti, Claudia Bumbica, Giorgia Rachel Donnan and Maria Giulia Chistolini all lived in Milan, some because was born there, some because lived  or studied in the city.

I worked on a short story about Ettore Sottsass and his days in Milan, making researches by reading his books, interviews and diaries.

During the researches I had luck by discovering Fabio Copiatti’s blog A passo di vacca, in which a post explores one of the places most frequented by Sottsass during his youth, the Dairy of the Pirovini Sisters, of which there is usually little information. Fabio, historical researcher, biologist and environmental excursion guide, made himself available to let me use the material and videos presented in the post, and provided me with unpublished material to use as a reference for the comic, such as the first page of this double page above.

Below some mixed spread pages.