Hi! I’m an illustrator based in Milan, Italy.

I work for magazines, brands, agencies and music labels.







Illustration for Sognatori Anonimi, an annual event by Zappa Associazione.
A collection of dreams, anonymously received and randomly assigned to be illustrated.

“ I remember a fairly spartan oftalmologic office,
with dark green chair and all the classic ophthalmological equipment.
I’m seated, my chin resting on a telescope and on my nose a pair of glasses with a thousand lenses
and a super heavy frame.
When the visit is over I get rid of it, and suddenly realize the oculist is my father (who died a few years ago, and was a biologist!).
He writes me on the blackboard -8.3, my new gradation: quite pissed off, I tell him it’s not possible my vision has deteriorated so much.
Before waking up, my father tells me these exact words: la realtà non è così come credi di vederla (reality is not what you think to see). ”
sognatori anonimi
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